Great Books suggested by Jordan B. Peterson

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Need a brain hobby! Take a look at these one hundred book suggestions by Jordan Peterson. This weekend I am starting at book number one.
  1. Beyle, Marie-Henri (Stendhal): The Charterhouse of Parma

Salt and Processed Meats

Hey, Maggie, this is the article about processed meats and BBQs.
Ready for the over the fire outdoor processed meat event but you are are still concerned about your heart health, and arteries?

"Let’s say you really need to find reliable information about the best diet for high blood pressure, or heart disease, or diabetes. Where do you go?

Salt is Killing Me

Salt is Killing Me

Just a few months ago I ended up in the hospital now knowing what a heart attack feels like. No family allowed because of covid. But, that being said the emergency room was almost shoulder to shoulder with a mix of attitudes with no mask knowing they had covid and being them I guess you would say.

Being admitted and sharing a room with someone I would not want to meet at anytime of my life.

Learn about ED | Erectile Dysfunction

This is my experience about living with ED 'erectile dysfunction' and sharing what works for myself and my group of friends and what we have discovered to work for us. It was suggested that one of us start a blog and you guessed it... it's me. So, here we are sharing with you.